CEO appointed to drive the vision of Ingentia Energies Limited

11th January, 2024 | News Article

Ingentia Energies Limited
CEO appointed to drive the vision of Ingentia Energies Limited

The Nigerian Geoscientist Olajumoke Ajayi has been named the Chief Executive Officer of Ingentia Energies Limited (IEL), a newly formed independent exploration and production company. She was, until September 2022, the Managing Director of Asharami Energy, the upstream arm of Sahara Group, an energy conglomerate that claims operations in over 38 countires. Ingentia Energies Limited is the consortium of five companies that hold equities in Egbolom field, one of the assets offered in the 2020 Nigerian Marginal field bid round (MFBR) 

Olajumoke led Asharami Energy’s operations across Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast. She is one of a handful of females Managing Directors, especially with technical background, running E&P companies that actively operated in the Nigerian upstream industry.

Ajayi holds a Bachelor’s and a Master of Science degree in Applied Geophysics and started her career with Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (ExxonMobil). She also worked in Degeconek Consulting, Peak Petroleum Limited and Centrica Resourced Nig. Ltd (British Gas).

“Having gathered technical experience in 2D/3D Seismic acquisition & processing, land and onshore seismic data interpretation, drilling and production. Olajumoke certainly has a full grasp of the entire industry operations”, according to a citation by the Energy Council, an energy investment networking platform. “She has shown a tremendous capacity for leadership, spearheading the exploration team that successfully drilled and delivered Asharami Energy’s first three wells” the citation notes.

A member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG) and a past Vice President of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorations (NAPE), her primary job is to take the Egbolom field to first oil as early as it is technically possible.

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